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TIMET TIMETAL 174 32.5 Titanium Alloy Ti3Al2.5V ASTM Grade 9 Typical Properties TIMET TIMETAL 174 32.50.05Pd Titanium Alloy TIMET TIMETAL 174 35A CP Titanium ASTM Grade 1

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Titanium alloys are generally classified into four main egories: 183 Alpha alloys which contain neutral alloying elements such as tin and/ or alpha stabilisers such as aluminium or oxygen only.These are not heat treatable. 183 Nearalpha alloys contain small amount of ductile betaphase. Besides alphaphase stabilisers nearalpha alloys are alloyed with 12 of beta phase stabilizers ...

Titanium Specifi ions Continental Steel and Tube Company

MILT9047G Titanium and Titanium Alloy Bars and Reforging Stock Aircraft Quality. Commercially Pure. TICP70 Grade 4 Alpha Alloys. Ti 5Al2.5Sn Ti 5Al2.5Sn ELI 6Al2Cb1Ta.8Mo 8Al1Mo1V. AlphaBeta Alloys. Ti 3Al2.5V Ti 6Al4V Ti 6Al4V ELI Ti 6Al6V2Sn Ti 6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo Ti 6Al2Sn4Zr6Mo Ti 7Al ...